This guide has been prepared by our Clearing Agents to guide importers who may be eligible for a duty-free rebate. Please establish if you qualify for one of the categories listed below and seek advice to ensure all aspects are covered.

Zimra documentation and requirements for motor vehicle clearances under rebates.

Herewith the requirements for importation of a vehicle under “R/R”

  • You have to prove that you have been out of the country for a period of over two years ( i.e. the stamp of first time departure in yr passport)
  • Proof of payment in the form of a bank statement showing funds transfer to the supplier.
  • Contract of Employment
  • Resignation letter from your last employer(acknowledging your resignation).
  • Tax clearance certificate (P45 details of employees leaving work) (P60) UK
  • Payslips
  • Any bill payments, be it Electricity, Water, or telephone
  • If you have been to university - your proof of qualification
  • Registration book if vehicle was registered under your name
  • Proof of Zimbabwean residence (where you will be staying)

You are supposed to have fully paid for your vehicle/goods, fully owned and in physical existence, before you come back to Zimbabwe and claiming yr (“RR Accepted”) status in your passport.

After the stamp RR Accepted you are given three months to bring you goods you owned before coming back.

If you also attended college/ university you can then bring your certificates as proof.

  • Whenever a person returns to Zimbabwe, He/ she must inform the immigration officer that he is on a visit or holiday and the passport endorsed with the number of days.

Please note that for foreign passport holders with residence permit they must do likewise they should not fear to lose their residents as they will be reissued upon completion of studies or after the expiry of the work permits.

  • The imports documents must be presented to Zimra within three (3) months from the date the “RR Accepted” stamped on the passport.
  • In the event that shipments are delayed either to be shipped or for some other reason, the client should notify the agent who will assist to apply to the commissioner for approval and the goods.
  • From the date the TEP stamp is endorsed in the passport, you are given three (3) months with which to buy and clear your goods.
  • When the immigrant departs the country after the TEP stamp, the first time he/she returns to Zimbabwe is deemed to be the first time of arrival and only those goods have been owned prior to arrival will qualify for immigrant’s rebate.
  • Proof of payment for the vehicle is required in the form of a bank statement.
  • The TEP stamp must be endorsed in the passport.
  • Proof of ownership of the motor vehicle in the form of a commercial invoice in the name of the immigrant.
  • Please NOTE the goods or vehicle should be paid by the owner and not a company.
  • The vehicle must be donated.
  • The vehicle must be brand new.
  • The funds should not be sourced locally, but from outside the country. In fact, the vehicles or goods should be donated and NOT funds.

The following documents must be submitted to Zimra to support the rebate application.

  • Formal application letter on a company letterhead
  • The objectives of the association or organization
  • The details of the motor vehicle in the form of a Commercial invoice from the supplier.
  • The vehicles intended use.
  • The letter of donation from the donor
  • Proof of payment for the motor vehicle by the donor i.e telegraphic transfer.
  • Rebate application letter which will have the following declaration and undertaking “The motor vehicle is solely imported for the purpose of furthering objectives of the association and in compliance with any conditions that the commissioner may fix."
  • "The motor vehicle will not be sold or be disposed of in Zimbabwe without prior written permission from the Commissioner and payment of such duties may be due”
  •  NB: SBS is prepared to submit these applications on behalf of customers and to follow up with Zimra in order to expedite processing.
  • A Formal application to Zimra.
  • A commercial invoice showing the details of the vehicles.
  • The purpose of which the vehicle will be used.
  • Details of the operational terms of the aid or technical co-operation agreement.
  • A written undertaking that the motor vehicle will not be disposed of without the prior permission of the commissioner.
  • PVO Private Voluntary Organisation letter
  • Under this suspension, only Value Added Tax (VAT) is payable.
  • The vehicle should be under tariff 8703.
  • Single cabs now qualify
  • Twin cabs do not qualify.
  • Proof of funds ( Bank statement)
  • Proof of residence & drivers license
  • The vehicle should be less than 10 years


Requirements for a disability Rebate status

    • Specialist Doctors Letter  (With a doctors stamp and also the specialist to clarify what he specializes in, e.g. orthopedics
      Important points to be noted in the letter,

      1. % of disability,
      2. The disability is of a permanent nature,
      3. I recommend him/her to drive a vehicle with Automatic Transmission


  • Formal Application  typed by the applicant
  • Suppliers Invoice with the engine & Chassis number of the vehicle  and also with the year of manufacture
  • I . D
  • Proof of Residence (In Zimbabwe the address of the applicant)
  • Proof of funds  (A current Bank statement)
  • Suppliers Invoice
  • Name of Importer
  • Type of Vehicle
  • Value of vehicle
  • Year of Manufacture
  • Engine and Chassis Numbers

Special Note* Please note that for the person to qualify under the rebate, he or she has to be physically challenged. A person who has an illness or a condition, will not qualify under this rebate.

If a patient is sick with a condition he/she will not qualify.