Travel in a Mercedes-Benz bus or coach and be guided by a lucky star.

Because Carl Benz built the very first bus ever in 1895

Anyone who travels in a Mercedes-Benz bus or coach can be sure that they are being guided by a lucky star.  Our vehicles set standards in terms of safety, quality and future-proof technologies. Proven overall cost effectiveness, sustainability, ecology and professional business partnership are what we focus on. At ZIMOCO we offer a wide product range of Mercedes-Benz buses and coaches which includes urban buses, intercity buses, touring coaches and minibuses.  

Like no other manufacturers in the world, Mercedes-Benz has taken responsibility for the bus.  Not just because Carl Benz built the very first bus ever in 1895, but also because since then, Mercedes-Benz has developed it further into a highly efficient, safe, environmentally compatible means of transport.  

Model Overview

Whichever Mercedes-Benz bus and coach model you would like to order - ZIMOCO has it!

Mercedes-Benz OF 1726

The OF 1726 city bus has a robust bus chassis built to meet the harsh operating conditions encountered in the Zimbabwean rural areas.

The chassis is built for short and long distance travel with its standard safety features. The suspension caters for the comfort of passengers whilst durable enough to enable the bus to accommodate boarding and alighting of passengers at the curb side on rural roads. The chassis makes for easy body building fitments, with body and chassis configurations to allow for maximum seating of 66 passengers with standees and luggage.

The OM 906 LA turbo cooler engine produces 160kW at 2 300 revolution per minute. This engine has already been proven for its economy, ruggedness and durability. In addition to a notably quiet operation complemented by efficient engine cooling for peak performance in all operating conditions, flat engine torque ensures higher pulling power and low gear shifts.

Mercedes Benz, Travego

Mercedes-Benz OF 1730

The versatile OF 1730 chassis can be adapted to a wide range of applications. The standard 4x2 commuter bus, equipped with up to 65 seats, is suitable for both rugged and city transport operations. The semi-luxury intercity coach, in a 6x2 combination, offers its 68 passengers a comfortable journey in city, city-to-city and touring transport operations. The raised floor of the semi-luxury intercity coach creates additional room in the luggage compartments. 

The bus chassis is equipped with Top Brake, an exclusive engine brake system of Mercedes-Benz, coupled to the conventional engine brake and a Telma Retarder which allows reduced gear shifting and thus a longer life of the brake linings and tyres.